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FAQ - Keychain

Can I have two pets on the same keychain?

- Yes! Just make sure the pictures you select follow the "Photo Guide" in the product description. 

What are the pendants made of? 

- Polished steel.

What are the benefits of these materials?

- Polished Steel is bend and scratch resistant. 

What size is the pendant? 

- 3.3 cm cm in diamater

How are the pendants made?

- Once you send your photo in, our team of highly skilled artists create a sketch of the design. When this has been completed it is then passed on to the team of incredible craftsmen who hand make every single pendant.

What if I make a mistake on the engraving? 

- We will follow exactly what you enter in the checkout process so if you make a mistake please reach out immediately. If there has been a mistake on our end please also reach out and we will organise a replacement immediately.

Is there a character limit to the custom text engraving?

- There’s a 15-character limit to engraving. The best messages are short and sweet!

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