Super Soft Calming Bed

Super Soft Calming Bed

Super Soft Calming Bed

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The Softest Bed you Can Buy For Your Pet!

Meet the Super Soft Calming Bed! Improve your pets sleeping experience and reduce their anxiety with this functional and effective bed that will calm them - anytime, anywhere!

The Super Soft Calming Bed is made with a raised outer rim and soft fur fabric that emulates a mother’s touch, quickly and effectively surrounding them with warmth, comfort and security.

The change should be instant, as they lay and allow the overwhelming sensations of relaxation and peace take hold.

Product benefits and features include:

✔️ Ease your pets anxiety quicker than ever.

✔️ Leave your home stress free knowing your pet is safe and secure in their calming bed.

✔️ Thick bedding for extra comfort and support.

✔️ Raised outer rim, great for your pet to rest their head and neck.

✔️ Made with a soft fur fabric that is completely pet friendly.

✔️ Anti-slip grip fabric located on the bottom of the bed ensuring stability on slippery surfaces

✔️ Completely machine washable.

NOTE: Please dry immediately after washing to prevent the bedding material from matting. 

The Super Soft Calming Bed is suitable for dogs and cats of all sizes - refer to the sizing provided above and the sizing tab below to ensure you get the perfect fit for your furry friend! 

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*Sizes are estimated by the size of the dog when curled up, not stretched out*


Where are the beds made? 
-Our company is Australian, however the products are manufactured in china where we work closely with our supplier to bring you the best quality products at an affordable price.  

What materials are they made from?
- We use a range of fabrics for our beds which include Fleece, polyester and microfibres. 

How do the beds work?
- The beds raised rim, soft bedding and fur-like material create a safe space for your pet to relax in, emulating the feeling of a mothers warm touch.

What if my dog doesn't like it and I want to return it?
- We have a 100% quality guarantee, so if you're not happy with the products quality you can email us at to request a return.
Are they machine washable? 
- yes, however it is advised to hang dry as soon as possible to prevent the material from matting. 

How much does shipping cost and how long will it take?
- Shipping is absolutely free! Shipping & delivery times depend on your location but we ask for you to allow 15-21 days. 
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